Wordle Cheating Scandal: Is Your Spouse One of the Culprits?

Jun 8, 2023, 12:39 PM

After years of blissful marriage, Wordle has become the latest thorn in the side of couples everywhere. Cheating in relationships isn't new, but the discovery of Wordle infidelity has taken the world by shock. A recent study released by the Wordle Oversight Committee (WOC) has shown a worrying trend in the game's player base: Many are cheating with the help of their significant other.

The WOC received years worth of data, after combing through message boards and social media to identify and track instances of Wordle based infidelity. Upon crunching all the numbers, it became clear that a whopping 80% of cheating instances arose from spouses helping their partners succeed at the game. Wordle was supposed to bring people together, but it seems like it might be tearing them apart.

Don't worry, we've got you covered with the top 5 signs to look out for if you suspect that your loved one might be involved in a Wordle based affair.

  1. Your Spouse Gets a Lot Better at Wordle Overnight If your spouse has gone from barely being able to spell "cat" to achieving full marks in Wordle, it's probably a red flag. It's possible they're just brushing up on their vocabulary, but in all likelihood, they've likely been getting copious amounts of help.

  2. Excessive Wordle Playtime Watching a loved one obsess over anything is never fun, but an obsession with Wordle might be cause for concern. It's not just the amount of time they're spending on the game, it's the fact that they're playing in every spare moment - on the tube, during meetings, and even in bed. If your partner's love for Wordle is interfering with your relationship, it's time to have a serious conversation.

  3. Unprovoked mentions of Wordle If your spouse brings up Wordle out of the blue and their entire demeanor changes, it's worth sitting up and taking note. They might simply be having a great day, but chances are they're excited about their "accidentally" impressive Wordle results.

  4. Secretive behavior Has your partner started acting cagey and secretive when it comes to their online activity? Are they hiding their phone or laptop screen from your curious gaze? It's possible they're simply looking up surprise gifts for you, but more likely, they're cheating at Wordle.

  5. The Ultimate Betrayal - They've Committed Wordle Adultery With Someone Else The rules of Wordle infidelity are murky, so it's tough to say definitively that this counts as cheating. However, if you catch your partner playing Wordle against someone else, that's a big ol' red flag. If they're able to beat this unknown challenger without any help, it's clear they've been getting assistance from a secret source.

It's a tough world out there for lovers, and now Wordle has made it even tougher. Trust issues are never a good thing, but if you follow these warning signs and communicate openly with your partner, you're sure to emerge stronger on the other side of this Wordle cheating scandal.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.