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When Popping Candy Goes Pop! Dangerously Fizzy New Trend has People Crackling from Both Ends

Just when you thought 2021 couldn't get any weirder, hold my Pop Rocks! Gen-Z and some overly adventurous millennials are taking their love for exploration and desire to make life pop literally, by inserting these noisy confectioneries in the most bizarre and uncomfortable places. From nostrils to nether regions, the planet earth has officially lost its marbles, or should we say, its candies!

A brand new box of Pop Rocks candy waiting to be inhaled... or not.

A freshly opened box of Pop Rock candies. The confectionery is sparkling under a neon light and you can almost hear the tiny pops and crackles they promise.

Pop Rocks, the fizzy candy that sizzles and pops once it hits your tongue, has been a childhood favorite for decades. But partaking in this sweets-meets-orifices trend has some seriously painful consequences and it's certainly not something you'd want listed in your leisure activities. Despite this, extreme candy enthusiasts insist on letting the candy pop, and not necessarily in their mouth.

An unfortunate soul experiencing the Pop Rock 'pops' from the most unusual places.

A visibly surprised individual with a box of Pop Rocks in their hand, squirming uncomfortably as the popping sounds echo from the vicinity of their backside.

The sensation of the tiny candies popping as they melt in your mouth somehow became a sensation to be experienced everywhere else. Military-grade ear protection is expected to be purchased in bulk as partners of the extreme candy enthusiasts prepare for a night of unusually fizzy serenades.

A Pop Rocks journey: From mouth to... somewhere very different.

An illustrated diagram showing a journey of a Pop Rock candy from the mouth to... well, let's just say an area you wouldn't want a lot of pops and fizz.

Medical professionals have expressed their profound concern and asked for a ceasing of this candy-insertion fad. ER visits related to candy injuries (a phrase we never thought we'd have to use) have skyrocketed. Who could have known that the sugary delights of our childhood could lead to such devastatingly fizzy consequences?

An emergency room full of Pop Rocks victims

A busy hospital emergency room, filled with patients looking aghast and in obvious discomfort, many holding empty boxes of Pop Rocks.