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Wacky Wololo: A Scream So Powerful You Can't Resist Changing Sides

You've all heard about it, haven't you? We all know what you shout when you want to change anything from team Blue to team Red. Or should that be from team Red to Team Blue? The ancient chant of the monks, the incessant echoes - Wololo. Today, we bring you an exposé on this transcendental transformation, painstakingly abducted from Age of Empires.

The grand priest of Wololo performing the sacred Wololo dance

A hilarious take on an animation where a guy dressed in bright blue and red robes is dancing absurdly in a medieval setting

Originally depicted in the critically acclaimed video game series 'Age of Empires', Wololo was a battle cry used by priests to convert enemy units to their side. Not just an effective weapon of mass conversion, but a phenomenon that quickly found a place in the hearts of gamers everywhere, creating a pop culture reference that has stood the test of time.

The real effects of Wololo

A humorous sketch depicting a reversed world after a major Wololo wave hit the region

However, little known is the fact that the Wololo fever has spread far beyond the reaches of video games. Recent insights into the hit dance trend rocking the world - The Wuhan Wololo - have revealed a shocking fact. The dance originated as a homage to the Age of Empires catchphrase and is, in fact, meant to change the colours of the dancing contributor's clothes in sync with the beat.

The Wuhan Wololo

A parody image of a group of scientists in lab coats performing the Wololo chant with lab equipments

Believe or not, there's more! There's even a football team in Indonesia that has named itself Wololo FC. Their strategy? Just when the game is in a deadlock, their coach lets out a blood-curdling tattoo-bursting Wololo. Shocked, the opposition players find themselves donning the Wololo FC's kit, and before they even realize it, they're scoring goals for the other side. It's a strategy that has yet to officially make it to the rule books and it's got the football world in a tizzy!

Wololo Football Club in Action

A knee-slapping depiction of a football team all changing Jerseys mid-game after their coach shouts Wololo

Indeed, Wololo has spread its influences far and wide. Households across the world are using it as a switch command. Mom shouting 'Wololo' is the universal signal for someone else to take on the chores. Cats screaming 'Wololo' at the top of their lungs - hell has frozen over as the family pup becomes the kitty's new best friend! Wololo is a chant, a way of life, a dance, a culture shock. We're living in a world of Wololo's and it is just as chaotic and absolutely entertaining as it sounds.

The fate of households after a family Wololo

An epic comic-strip representing a common household where members switch their chores after the mom shouts Wololo