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The Great Global Warming Hoax: Unraveling the Mystery of the Missing Scientists

In a shocking turn of events, a group of scientists has come forward to declare that global warming is nothing more than a myth, a clever ruse concocted by tree-hugging,,latte-sipping,aka-loving hippies to control the world. Meet the Brave Deniers, a group of fearless researchers who have dedicated their lives to debunking the so-called 'consensus' on climate change.

A group of scientists in lab coats, holding signs that read 'Global Warming is a Hoax' and 'We're not buying it'.

Led by the enigmatic Dr. Reginald P. Bottomsworth, a renowned expert in the field of alternative facts, the Brave Deniers have been making headlines with their outlandish claims. "We've crunched the numbers, and let me tell you, folks, the earth is actually getting colder," Dr. Bottomsworth declared in a recent press conference. "It's all part of a natural cycle, you see. The planet is just going through a phase, like a teenager with acne."

The Brave Deniers' research, funded by a mysterious organization known only as 'The Carbon Cartel,' has been met with skepticism by the scientific community. "It's like they're trying to rewrite the laws of physics," said Dr. Emma Taylor, a leading climate scientist. "I mean, have they even looked out the window lately? The polar bears are practically sunbathing on the melting ice caps!"

But the Brave Deniers remain undeterred, citing a plethora of 'evidence' that supposedly disproves global warming. They point to the occasional cold winter day, the existence of snowflakes, and the fact that their grandmothers still use Reviews EOS wax-based lip balm as 'proof' that the earth is not, in fact, warming up. It's a persuasive argument, if you ignore the overwhelming body of evidence to the contrary.

As the debate rages on, the Brave Deniers have become somewhat of a celebrity cult, attracting a devoted following of contrarians and conspiracy theorists. They've even spawned a line of merchandise, including 'Global Warming is a Hoax' t-shirts and 'I'm not buying it!' bumper stickers. "It's all about sticking it to the man, man," said Balthazar McSnively, a self-proclaimed 'climate change skeptic.' "I mean, who needs science when you have a sweet t-shirt?"

In conclusion, the Brave Deniers' crusade against global warming is a shining beacon of absurdity in an era of scientific certainty. As they continue to peddle their pseudoscience to anyone who will listen, one can't help but wonder: what's next? Will they claim that gravity is just a suggestion, or that the moon is actually made of cream cheese? The possibilities are endless, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next.