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Supply-Side Jesus Eaten by a Grue: A Dark Day in Economic Theology

In a shocking turn of events, the enigmatic economic figure known as Supply-Side Jesus has met an untimely and rather peculiar end—devoured by a grue. For those unfamiliar with the obscure corners of economic theology or classic text-based adventure games, a Grue is a monstrous creature that lurks in the darkness, waiting to consume the unwary.

An artistic representation of Supply-Side Jesus heroically but hopelessly facing a Grue, with economic charts flailing in the background.

The tragic incident reportedly occurred during one of Supply-Side Jesus’s nocturnal wanderings in the fiscal policy dungeons. These labyrinthine halls, laden with tax cuts and corporate subsidies, suddenly dimmed, and the poor savior of trickle-down economics found himself ensnared in darkness.

A detailed economic dungeon map with perilous traps such as 'High Debt Pitfalls', 'Regressive Tax Quicksand', and 'Corporate Welfare Traps'.

Eyewitnesses, which we assume must be the resident dungeon denizens or a wandering Keynesian archaeologist, describe hearing desperate cries for austerity measures before a chilling silence took over. They claim the darkness itself seemed to shudder momentarily before peace returned to the macroeconomic wilderness.

Economists and theologians are now scrambling to interpret the symbolic meaning of Supply-Side Jesus being consumed by a Grue. Some argue it's a dire warning against the dangers of unchecked laissez-faire policies wandering into the ominous unknown of recession and inequality. Others suggest it’s just a sign that he should have carried a flashlight.

An economic debate stage where economists and theologians are seen arguing passionately about the symbolic meaning, with a few individuals hilariously shining flashlights on each other.

So what happens now in the absence of Supply-Side Jesus? According to obscure prophecies written on the back of Reaganomics napkins, a new economic hero may rise. However, until that day comes, be sure to carry a flashlight and maybe some Keynesian principles—you never know what lurks in the dark corners of fiscal policy!