Study Finds Majority of Politicians Can't Find Their Own Country on a World Map

Jun 19, 2023, 8:22 PM

A recent study has revealed that a large number of politicians lack even the basic navigational skills required to locate their own country on a world map. The embarrassing findings have sparked widespread confusion and a growing sense of concern in political circles.

According to the study, conducted by the non-profit Institute for International Geography, over 70% of politicians surveyed were unable to pinpoint their own country's location on a map. Not only that, but many were unable to identify neighboring countries or major bodies of water.

The most commonly misplaced countries were found to be Iceland, Burkina Faso, and Papua New Guinea, with over 90% of politicians surveyed unable to locate them on a map.

The findings have sparked a number of reactions from politicians worldwide. Some have been quick to point out the study's methodology, calling the results into question. Others have highlighted the fact that many politicians are busy running their country and have no need for basic geography skills.

Despite the pushback, many have expressed concern that politicians are becoming increasingly disconnected from the world around them. One commentator remarked, "If they can't even locate their own country, how can we trust them to make decisions that impact the rest of the world?"

Perhaps most worrying of all is the fact that this lack of basic geographical knowledge is not confined to politicians alone. The study also found that a significant percentage of the general public struggled to locate their own country on a world map.

As the world grows more interconnected and issues such as climate change and economic instability become more urgent, it is clear that a better understanding of geography is vital. Whether through improved education, increased awareness campaigns, or simply more time spent with the humble atlas, it is time for us all to brush up on our map-reading skills.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.