Man's T-Shirt Collection Down to Three Shirts Without Mysterious Small Hole at Base of Sleeve

Jun 9, 2023, 1:19 AM

A man's T-shirt collection is down to only three shirts, and he's on the hunt for replacements. But finding the perfect T-shirts is proving to be an epic quest.

He knows what he likes: clean designs, clever designs, shirts with stuff he likes on them, iconic/retro shirts. But he also knows what he doesn't like: obscure visual puns, text-heavy prints, and shirts that are on annoying stores.

The man searches high and low, navigating through the crowded and confusing world of online T-shirt shopping.

He's bombarded with hundreds of options, most of which just don't fit the criteria that he's set for himself. He sifts through bizarre designs featuring obscure references that only the creator would understand and wordy shirts that would take hours to read.

But every now and then, he stumbles upon a gem, a T-shirt that is both visually appealing and meaningful.

One T-shirt features a simple but clever design of a dog holding a stick with the words "Fetch Daily" in bold letters. Another shirt has a retro print of a cassette tape with the slogan "Mixtapes for Life". The man can't help but smile at these playful and charming designs.

But for every great T-shirt he finds, there are dozens more that are just plain weird. He comes across a T-shirt featuring a bizarre illustration of a unicorn riding a bike with a slice of pizza in its mouth. He shakes his head in confusion and keeps scrolling.

As the man continues his search, he finds himself growing more and more frustrated. He can't seem to find a T-shirt that meets all of his criteria, and the endless scrolling and clicking has turned him into a ball of stress.

But just when he's about to give up, he sees it: the perfect T-shirt. It's a clean white shirt with a minimalist, tasteful design of a microphone. The man feels like he's struck gold.

He quickly adds it to his cart and proceeds to check out. Despite a few annoying pop-ups and login prompts, he manages to complete the purchase with relative ease.

As he awaits the arrival of his new T-shirt, the man feels a sense of relief wash over him. He may have had to navigate through a sea of bizarre designs and annoying stores, but he's found the perfect shirt.

And with that, his T-shirt collection is complete once again. He can rest easy knowing that he has a few reliable shirts to wear without the annoying little hole at the base of the sleeve.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.