Man's Butt Turns Blue and Falls Off After Holding in Fart

Jun 8, 2023, 8:10 PM

A man's butt has fallen off after he held in his fart for an extended period of time, causing his gluteal muscles to atrophy. Doctors described the condition as "chronic anal sphincter constriction," or CASC for short.

The victim of this tale, who wish to remain anonymous, had been at a dinner party with his girlfriend's family when he felt the urge to release a thunderous fart. However, he didn't want to offend the other guests with the odor and sound, so he decided to hold it in.

The man managed to keep his sphincter muscles constricted for several hours, during which time the gas started to build up and cause him discomfort. Eventually, he lost consciousness due to the pain, and was rushed to the emergency room.

Doctors initially thought that the patient had a severe case of constipation, but upon closer inspection, they noticed that his butt had turned blue and appeared to be in a state of necrosis. After further examination, they discovered that he had lost all muscle control in his glutes due to the extended period of sphincter constriction.

Despite efforts to save his butt, the doctors were forced to amputate the affected area. The patient is said to be recovering well after the surgery and is coping with the loss with the help of his girlfriend and a therapist.

Moral of the story? Let your farts fly free, folks! Don't hold them in for extended periods of time, or you might end up without a butt.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.