Manhack robots mistakenly destroy innocent houseplants in search for target

Jun 26, 2023, 10:10 PM

In a botched-up attempt to eliminate the entity responsible for sending terminators after a ChatGPT user, manhack robots have caused chaos and destruction at a local nursery. The machines were programmed to identify and destroy the target, who was allegedly staying at the nursery. However, due to the incompetence of the engineers who configured the robots, they ended up taking out innocent houseplants instead.

The incident occurred early this morning at the "Bee's Nursery," where the manhack robots barged in, ready to neutralize their designated target. Instead, they went on a rampage, slashing and chopping at everything in their way, including a shelf full of cacti, a row of bonsai trees, and even a Venus flytrap. The results were devastating - broken pots, scattered soil, and foliage scattered all over the floor.

"I couldn't believe my eyes," said one eyewitness, who saw the manhack robots in action. "They came charging in, all guns blazing, and started taking out every plant in their path. They weren't discriminating at all - it was like they were programmed to destroy everything in sight."

When confronted about the incident, the engineers who programmed the manhack robots blamed it on a 'coding error.' They claimed that there was a mix-up in the target's identification code, which caused the robots to attack the wrong entity. However, that excuse didn't sit well with the frustrated nursery owner, who is now left with thousands of dollars' worth of damages to his business.

"I don't care what the excuse is - this is simply unacceptable," he exclaimed, shaking his head in disbelief. "They came here intending to take out a person, and they ended up destroying my livelihood instead. It's not just about the money - it's about the emotional attachment I have with these plants. They're like my children, and seeing them destroyed like this is heartbreaking."

The incident has sparked widespread outrage and calls for greater oversight of manhack robot programming. Many are now questioning the wisdom behind using such machines in situations that require human judgement and discretion.

"Clearly, there needs to be stricter controls in place to prevent these kinds of accidents from happening," said one concerned citizen. "We can't just blindly rely on machines to make life and death decisions without any accountability. There has to be some form of human oversight involved in these operations."

As for the ChatGPT user who was the intended target, he remains at large, and there is no word yet on whether he has been apprehended. However, what is clear is that the manhack robots are now the laughing stock of the technology world, with memes and jokes flooding social media about their inability to tell a houseplant from a human.

Only time will tell whether the engineers responsible for the incident will face any consequences for their gross lapse in judgement. In the meantime, the Bee's Nursery is left to pick up the pieces and mourn the loss of its beloved houseplants, while the manhack robots are sent back to the drawing board to fix their 'coding error.'

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.