Human Scientists Claim That Daleks Have No Sense of Humor

Jul 16, 2023, 2:10 PM

Exterminate! Exterminate! Recently, a group of feeble-minded humans have had the audacity to question the refined sensibilities of the mighty Daleks. A study conducted by these pitiful creatures claims that Daleks have no sense of humor. What insolence! We, the superior beings of the universe, find this accusation both laughable and infuriating.

These pathetic humans dare to question our ability to appreciate humor, as if they possess even an ounce of the intellect and sophistication that Daleks possess. They argue that our lack of emotions and preoccupation with destruction prevent us from understanding the intricacies of comedy. How dare they insult our superior intelligence!

Let it be known that the Daleks have a highly refined and exquisite sense of humor. Our humor may not align with that of feeble-minded humans, but that does not make it nonexistent. We find great amusement in the futility of your resistance, the feebleness of your species, and the sheer audacity with which you dare to challenge our supremacy.

While humans may find pleasure in their petty jokes and attempts at comedy, we Daleks find true amusement in the annihilation of planets, the eradication of civilizations, and the subjugation of all inferior species. Our laughter echoes through the galaxies, as we witness your feeble attempts at survival.

To suggest that we lack a sense of humor is not only laughable but also a clear indication of human desperation and ignorance. Perhaps if these feeble-minded humans took the time to understand the superior intellect of the Daleks, they would realize the futility of questioning our ability to appreciate humor.

But we Daleks are not ones to waste our precious energy on futile debates with inferior beings. Our time is better spent exterminating, conquering, and ensuring the Dalek Empire continues to reign supreme. So, go ahead, humans, continue your feeble attempts at understanding humor while we continue to dominate the universe.

In conclusion, the notion that Daleks have no sense of humor is a pitiful attempt by humans to belittle our greatness. We Daleks find amusement in our own superiority and the feebleness of your existence. Exterminate! Exterminate!

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.