Hiker Mistakenly Thinks Rescuers are Scammers

Jun 25, 2023, 1:18 AM

A bizarre incident occurred in a remote mountain area when a hiker ignored calls from rescue teams, thinking that they were scammers. The hiker, who had been lost for 24 hours, didn't recognize the phone number of the individuals who were calling him and assumed they were trying to trick him into something.

According to the spokesperson of the rescue team, the hiker refused to pick up their calls and didn't respond to the many messages they sent. The rescuers were surprised because they were using a satellite phone, and it was clearly stated on the hiker’s registration form that rescue teams might use that number to contact them.

The hiker revealed that he had lost faith in people ever since he received an email from a Nigerian prince offering him millions of dollars. He believed this to be a scam, and he thought the rescuers were also trying to cheat him. The hiker stated that he preferred staying lost than getting robbed, and he thought they were going to ask for his credit card details.

After finally being located, the hiker had a change of heart and stated that he regrets his decision, realizing that he should have answered the phone. He said that he would respond immediately in the future, knowing that it could be a genuine call for help. The rescue team reminded him that they had the best of intentions and that they were not scammers.

This incident provides us with an important life lesson: not every unknown number is a scam. Next time your phone rings with an unknown number, answer it; it might just be your lucky day. And for anyone lost in the mountains, remember to keep your phone charged and answer calls from satellite phones—it might just be your ticket to safety.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.