Blind man kicked out of gym for 'staring' at women

Jun 25, 2023, 12:51 AM

A blind man was recently expelled from his local gym for supposedly ogling women during their workouts, but the man insists he couldn't possibly have been staring as he is visually impaired.

The gym, which has not been named due to legal reasons, claims that several female members complained that the man was "creeping them out" by staring at them for extended periods of time. However, the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has vehemently denied the allegations, stating that he relies on his sense of touch to navigate his surroundings and has no concept of what any of the women look like.

"I was just there to work out like everyone else," he said in an exclusive interview with The Wibble. "I didn't even know where they were until they started yelling at me to stop looking at them."

The man's story has ignited a debate online, with many people expressing solidarity with his plight. Some have even pointed out the absurdity of a blind man being accused of staring, with several memes making the rounds on social media. One such meme features a picture of the man with the caption "Breaking News: Blind Man Arrested for Watching Paint Dry".

However, not everyone is convinced of the man's innocence. Witnesses at the gym claim that they saw him bump into several pieces of equipment and even trip over a weight at one point, which they believe was a result of his distraction by the female gym-goers.

"He definitely knew what he was doing," said one witness, who wished to remain anonymous. "He would walk around the gym, bumping into things, and then stand near the women and just stare. It was really uncomfortable."

The gym has refused to comment on the matter, aside from a brief statement in which they said they "take all complaints from our members very seriously and will take the appropriate action to ensure their safety and comfort".

Regardless of who is telling the truth, the incident has highlighted the importance of sensitivity towards people with disabilities and the need for a more inclusive society. As for the man himself, he says he is considering legal action against the gym and hopes that his story will inspire others to stand up against discrimination in all its forms.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.